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Jsme menší střelecký spolek v okrese Mělník – nedaleko Horních Beřkovic. Máme střelnici se střelištěm o délce 50m a šířce 15m určenou především pro sportovní střelbu kulovými palnými zbraněmi.

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Be sure, that if you will ever be lucky enough to get trained at our tennis classes by any of these people, you will love to enjoy the game!

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Coming from a whole different part of the world culturally (namely the United Kingdom), when I moved to Florida for the first time, I longed for my Scottish golf club. Luckily, I never realized just how many awesome classy golf clubs there are in the US of A!

Born and raised in the ever-sunny state of California, I was also raised by parents who both were avid golfers, to the point that they’ve met for the first time at a business meeting on a golf course. Anyways, despite being a member of this club for ages, I really think that this is the…

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